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Tips on Doing Yoga at Home

As we prepare to launch our studio, we encourage you all to continue workout out and practicing yoga at home!

To get some great tips and advice, we recommend you check out these yoga videos online from Yoga Journal which features routines and poses that both beginners and experts can benefit from. We actually will be using a number of these techniques in our classes, so we absolutely suggest you check this site out and hit the mat! Whether you are using yoga for fitness or meditation, you’ll find a huge selection of great tips and videos here. This site comes highly recommended from many of the top yoga experts out there.

Another great tip we have for you is to check out and download this Yoga App. Whether you are looking to lose weight or gain flexibility, there are a number of solid programs to choose from. There is also a great community you can interact with… This is known as being one of the best yoga apps out there for a reason.

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